Launceston Tennis Club

Cornwall, England

American Doubles 2021

and Cup presntations

Sunday 13th June, 2pm


18 members turned up for the American doubles tournament this year which Ali won,where we were supplied with tea and cakes followed by the cup presentations


Matches were 7 games with American handycap
  Name Week 1 Ave. Week 1 Position Week 2 Ave. Week 2 Position Overall Position.
  Ali 4.25 1st      
  Henry 4 =2nd      
  Jen 4 =2nd      
  Graham 3.75 =4th      
  Ruth 3.75 =4th      
  Tim 3.66 =6th      
  Tracey 3.66 =6th      
  Hayley 3.66 =6th      
  Barry 3.5 =9th      
  Charlotte 3.5 =9th      
  Adam 3.33 =11th      
  Maureen 3.33 =11th      
  Tonia 3.33 =11th      
  Sarah 3.33 =11th      
  Richard 3.25 =15th      
  Suzanne 3 =16th      
  Hilary 3 =16th      
  Chris 2.33 18th      

Mens singles winner

Ladies singles winner

Mens doubles winner

Ladies doubles winners

Mens singles runner up

Ladies singles runner up

Mixed doubles winners

Mens plate runner up