Launceston Tennis Club

Cornwall, England

Tennis and barbeque at Crackington

Launceston Tennis Club has been on tour again, this time visiting Crackington Haven on 14/9/13 for a chance to play on the courts next to the beach and the coastal path. The weather was sunny and dry with a bit of a breeze and there were spectacular views of the sea.

During the day we played 11 rounds of matches with each of the 13 players involved in up to 7 rounds. Each round consisted of doubles matches played over 15 minutes and the pairings were drawn randomly (more or less!). The game being played when the time was up was completed and counted in the final score (sudden death deuces were used). Each player scored the number of points equal to the number of games won. In addition, the winning pair in each match each scored an extra 3 points.

The winner of the tournament was Paul Rostron with Mark Cox second and Martin Cooke third.

Many thanks to Penny McMillan for organising the hire of the courts and the lunchtime barbecue (along with Jenny Worth and Mark Cox). Everyone had a great time - hopefully we can repeat it in the future!