Launceston Tennis Club

Cornwall, England

French Tennis Exchange

Plestin Les Greves


I have to say, having watched the French Open many a time, playing on a clay court has been one thing I’d really wanted to tick off the bucket list. Lucky for me, Launceston Tennis Club had organised one of their regular events and this time they decided to visit France’s Plestin-les-greves on a tennis and wine weekend…

Plestin-les-greves, twinned with Launceston, is just forty minutes from Roscoff, so after a pleasantly smooth Ferry ride from Plymouth on Friday the 21st of June, twelve groggy Andy Murray enthusiasts set down on French soil.

The question was how much tennis could we get in over 2 days? The answer? A lot! Courtesy of the French Club in Plestin and the accommodating nature of leading French member Alain (say this with a posh accent and it will sound fairly French), we achieved our goal of playing on clay courts, running competitions, handing out prizes and befuddling the French with our very own Cornish cocktail of Frenglish.

Huge thanks has to go to willing volunteer Jenny Worth who sets all these events up. We are all looking forward to the next trip, which I hear will be Go-karting in Liskeard in August! Don’t forget, all levels are welcome at Launceston tennis club, so come and give it a go.