Launceston Tennis Club

Cornwall, England

Xmas tournament and Social evening 2014

23 members of the club took part in this years Christmas tournament, thanks to Hayley for arranging the matches, there followed a social evening at Jen and Richard's where more tournaments were played, Table tennis ( won by Jen and Alex) Snooker (won by Kevin and Hillary) and Table football (won by Jen and Alex)

Jen also supplied us whith an excellent meal.

Results of the tennis tournament are below, amazingly the old man won:

Position Player Average points won in a 10 min tiebreak
1st Chris Stanbury 15
2nd Kevin Worth 14.4
3rd Paul Rostron 14
4th Jenny Worth 13.8
5th Morgan Craig 14.4
6th Hilary Rhodes 13
6th Maureen 13
6th Graham Worth 12.6
9th Barry Frayn 12.6
10th Sarah Cook 12.4
11th Henry Cornish 12.2
12th Alex Cornish 12
12th Adam Baker 12
14th Helen Davies 11.8
15th Ruth Cornish 11.7
16th Rod Wod 11.4
17th Tim Hambly 11.2
18th David 10.8
19th Ben Watkins 10.6
20th Simon 10.2
20th Suzanne Cole 10.2
22nd Penny McMillan 10.16
23rd Emma Gillard 10


Snooker winners, Kevin and Hilary

Table football winers, Jen and Alex on the right, also Table tennis winners.