Launceston Tennis Club

Cornwall, England

Xmas tournament 2018

21 members played in our Xmas Tennis tournament folowed soup and nibbles at Jen and Rich's

Thank you to Jenny for cooking and entertaining us all

Tennis Positions Player Average points won in a 12 min tiebreak
1st Jenny Worth 17.5
2nd Sarah Statton 15.5
3rd= Tonia Jones 15
3rd= Adam Baker 15
3rd= Rod Wood 15
6th Ashley Taylor 14.8
7th Simon Crnish 14.5
8th Tim Hambly 13.83
9th Henry Cornish 13.8
10th Anne Pywell 13.75
11th= Becky Mudd 13.25
11th= Ruth Cornish 13.25
13th Hayley Frayn 13
14th Chris Stanbury 12.8
15th Suzanne Cole 12.5
16th= Ali Parnell 12
16th= Charlotte Hall 12
16th= Barry Frayn 12
19th Tracey Manning 11.75
20th Mike Wallington 11.6
21st Hillary Rhodes 10.5

Jenny Worth Winner