Launceston Tennis Club

Cornwall, England

Xmas tournament 2019

Sat 28th Dec 1pm

15 members came to run off their turkey - play some tennis - have a natter - play some more tennis - eat some soup - play chess/monopoly/draughts/talk and drink.

Tennis started at 1 p.m. then we went back to Jen and Rich's for soup and a sit down by the fire to warm up!

Adam won the tennis and Ashley won the chess. Thank you to Jen for the food (helped by a few other members) and the use of their house.

Tennis Positions Player Total games won
1st Adam 21
2nd Ashley 19
3rd= Charlotte 18
3rd= Hilary 18
3rd= Alex 18
6th= David 17
6th= Suzanne 17
8th= Hayley 16
8th= Mike 16
10th Barry 15
11th= Tonia 14
11th= Rod 14
13th= Sarah C 13
13th= Ruth 13
15th Chris 11

Adam's consistency winning again