Launceston Tennis Club

Cornwall, England

Junior Super Set Ladder 2015


Last Opponent

Position Date of Last Match Last Position Result

Joseph Tucker

Matthew Ryall 1 10/01/2016 8 6-3

Joshua Cavey

Mathew Ryall 2 24/08.2015 2 2-6

Adam Howgill

Daniel Howgill 3 18/07/2015 3 6-3

Matthew Ryall

Daniel Howgill 4 30/07/2016 8 6-2

Charlotte Halls


Ben Bryant


Tom Dickinson


Daniel Howgill

Mathew Ryall 8   4  

Caleb Brewer











Positions initially in order of registration        


Junior Ladder Rules

The super set tennis ladder runs all year round and each Junior member can occupy a box on the tennis ladder. The aim is clear. To improve your performance by climbing the ladder, with any one player being able to challenge for a higher place on the ladder. This is the equivalent of football's FA Cup, where a smaller fish can become an even bigger one.

If a player lower on the ladder challenges and wins they swap positions. If you are challenged, but you do not agree to play the match, the challenger swaps places with you on the ladder. All matches must be one set first to 6 games with 2 games clear or a tie break to 7 points at 6 games all. Challenges can take place in your own time, just arrange a time to play. In order to join or remain on the ladder you need to be a member.

A cup will be presented annually to the ladder leader.

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