Launceston Tennis Club

Cornwall, England

Ladies Doubles 2012

Sunday 5th August

Event Report by Jenny Worth

3 pairs contested the ladies doubles on sunday 5th - apart from one heavy shower the players enjoyed some great tennis during a warm afternoon. To avoid sitting out for too long one set was played in round one and then the second and match tie break if necessary in round 2.

Round 1

Ruth Cornish and Jenny Worth beat Hilary Rhodes and Suzanne Cole 6-2: beat Emma Stewart and Hayley Frayn 6-2: Hayley and Emma beat Hilary and Suzanne 6-0.

Round 2

Ruth and Jen beat Hil and Suz 6-2: Emma and Hayley beat Ruth and Jen 6-2 and 10-6 mtb: Emma and Hayley beat Hil and Suz 6-3. Congratulations to the youngsters.