Launceston Tennis Club

Cornwall, England

Mens Doubles Tournament 2009 - Sunday 9th August

11 players turned up on a scorching hot day for the Mens Doubles, thankyou to Andrew Hamilton who sacrificed himself to make it an even number. So there were 5 pairs drawn out of the hat.

Each pair would play each other once in a 9 game set, all games to be played (so 9-0 was a possible score). The winning pair would be the one with the most match victories, with any ties being settled on games won.

The very consistent pairing of Peter McAughey and Matthew Brooks won all of their matches to claim the title. Tim Mitchell and Mike Wallington were runners up. Everyone seemed to enjoy the day, although after nearly three hours of tennis in the heat several were a little red, weary and grateful it was over!

Peter McAughey & Matthew Brooks5-4Rod Wood & Alex Cornish
Dale Wallington & Mick Foster4-5Tim Hambly & Adam Baker
Tim Mitchell & Mike Wallington7-2Tim Hambly & Adam Baker
Dale Wallington & Mick Foster2-7Peter McAughey & Matthew Brooks
Rod Wood & Alex Cornish3-6Tim Mitchell & Mike Wallington
Tim Hambly & Adam Baker3-6Peter McAughey & Matthew Brooks
Peter McAughey & Matthew Brooks6-3Tim Mitchell & Mike Wallington
Rod Wood & Alex Cornish7-2Dale Wallington & Mick Foster
Tim Hambly & Adam Baker5-4Rod Wood & Alex Cornish
Dale Wallington & Mick Foster3-6Tim Mitchell & Mike Wallington
Final Table
TeamPlayedMatches WonGames Won
Peter McAughey & Matthew Brooks4424
Tim Mitchell & Mike Wallington4322
Tim Hambly & Adam Baker4215
Rod Wood & Alex Cornish4118
Dale Wallington & Mick Foster4011