Launceston Tennis Club

Cornwall, England

2007 Mens Singles

1st Round Matches: (Play By: 27th July)
Match AJonny VaguevKevin O'Donovan (Won 6-3,6-0)
Match BMartin Cooke (Won 6-0,6-4)vWes Yeo
Match CDavid ForshawvAdam Baker (Won 7-6,7-6)
Match DPeter McAugheyvSteve Logg (Won 6-2,7-5)
Match ETim Hambly (Won 6-3,6-0)vAndy Oak

All players losing their 1st match in the competition (can be either 1st or 2nd round) will be entered into the Plate.

2nd RoundQuarter FinalsSemi FinalsFinal
(Play by: 10th August)(Play by: 24th August)(Play by: 1st September)(Finals Day: 2nd September)
Graham Worth (1) v Kevin O'DonovanGraham Worth (6-0,6-0)  
 vGraham Worth (6-0,6-0) 
Barry Frayn (8) v Andrew BrewsterBarry Frayn (6-0,6-1)  
   Graham Worth (6-3,2-6,6-3)
Tim Mitchell (5) v Martin CookeTim Mitchell (6-2,6-1)  
 vTim Mitchell (6-0,6-1) 
Andy Crighton (4) v Adam BakerAndy Crighton (6-2,6-2)  
Rod Wood (3) v Steve LoggRod Wood (6-2,6-4)  
 vAdam Paynter (6-7,6-3,1-0(4)) 
Adam Paynter (6) v Dan O'DonovanAdam Paynter (6-0,6-0)  
  vKevin Worth (6-2,6-1)
Rory Carr (7) v Tristan TremainRory Carr (7-6,6-1)  
 vKevin Worth (6-0,6-1) 
Kevin Worth (2) v Tim HamblyKevin Worth (6-0,6-0)  

2007 Champion: Kevin Worth