Launceston Tennis Club

Wimbledon Social Tournament - Sun 5th July 2009

The Competitors:


On Sunday 5th July 2009 at 11am sixteen eager Launceston Tennis Club members arrived at the courts for a social tournament. It was a doubles tournament and there were eight rounds of matches. Every competitor was guaranteed an hour of playing tennis (depending on the weather, which thankfully was very kind to us!). Each match would last for ten minutes and the score of the tie-break equalled your points. For example: if the tie-break score was 9-5, then the players who scored nine got nine points and the players who scored five got five points. Two bonus points were also available; if you lost your match but scored three or more points then you obtained two additional points.

The winner of the tournament would be the player who scored the most points and that was Tim Mitchell who scored 99 points. In second place was a new member to the club: Jake Horton with 90 points and in third place with 89 points was David Forshaw. After the tournament thirty tennis club members arrived at the Eagle House Hotel to watch the Men's Singles Wimbledon Final whilst eating strawberries and cream! And what a final it turned out to be!

A big thank you must go to everyone who supported the event, especially Sarah Statton for organising the whole day so well and Eagle House Hotel for providing the venue and delicious refreshments.

Full results are at the bottom of this page.


The Winners - from left Jake Horton (2nd), Tim Mitchell (1st), David Forshaw (3rd)

Wimbledon Social 2009 - Scores
Round 1:
Kevin Worth & Jake HortonVRod Wood & Graham Worth13-10
Barry Frayn & Peter McAugheyVTim Hambly & Tim Mitchell14-10
David Forshaw & Mick FosterVLuke Roberts & Martin Cooke15-7
Round 2:
Suzanne Cole & Kevin WorthVMartin Cooke & Mick Foster14-9
Maureen McCann & Jake HortonVLuke Roberts & David Forshaw12-12
Matthew Brooks & Barry FraynVPeter McAughey & Tim Hambly13-12
Round 3:
Tim Hambly & Suzanne ColeVBarry Frayn & Sarah Cooke12-12
Tim Mitchell & Peter McAugheyVKevin Worth & Matthew Brooks14-13
Graham Worth & Maureen McCannVRod Wood & Jake Horton13-9
Round 4:
David Forshaw & Tim MitchellVMatthew Brooks & Sarah Cooke20-7
Mick Foster & Graham WorthVMaureen McCann & Tim Hambly17-7
Luke Roberts & Rod WoodVMartin Cooke & Suzanne Cole15-10
Round 5:
Kevin Worth & Sarah CookeVJake Horton & Matthew Brooks11-16
Barry Frayn & Maureen McCannVPeter McAughey & Suzanne Cole16-9
Mick Foster & Rod WoodVDavid Forshaw & Graham Worth12-14
Round 6:
Kevin Worth & Luke RobertsVJake Horton & Mick Foster13-14
Martin Cooke & Sarah CookeVRod Wood & Matthew Brooks7-16
Tim Hambly & Barry FraynVTim Mitchell & Maurenn McCann19-11
Round 7:
Peter McAughey & Luke RobertsVJake Horton & Tim Mitchell8-23
Kevin Worth & Mick FosterVDavid Forshaw & Martin Cooke15-8
Graham Worth & Sarah CookeVSuzanne Cole & Barry Frayn14-9
Round 8:
Maureen McCann & Matthew BrooksVSuzanne Cole & Graham Worth12-10
Peter McAughey & Sarah Cooke VDavid Forshaw & Rod Wood10-17
Tim Mitchell & Luke RobertsVTim Hambly & Martin Cooke17-10
Wimbledon Social 2009 - League Table
Tim Mitchell10 +2-1420-11 +22317991st
Jake Horton1312 +19 +2-161423-902nd
David Forshaw1512 +1-2014-8 +217893rd
Mick Foster159 +2-1712 +21415-86= 4th
Barry Frayn141312 +1-16199 +2-86= 4th
Rod Wood10 +2-9 +21512 +216-1785= 6th
Kevin Worth131413 +2-11 +213 +215-85= 6th
Graham Worth10 +2-131714-1410 +2828th
Matthew Brooks-1313 +27 +21616-12819th
Tim Hambly10 +212 +212 +17 +2-19-10 +279= 10th
Luke Roberts7 +212 +1-15-13 +28 +21779= 10th
Maureen McCann-12 +1137 +21611 +2-127612th
Peter McAughey1412 +214-9 +2-8 +210 +27513th
Suzanne Cole-1412 +110 +29 +2-9 +210 +27314th
Sarah Cooke--12 +17 +211 +27 +21410 +27015th
Martin Cooke7 +29 +2-10 +2-7 +28 +210 +26316th